Series G - Geometric Matter

Set of Catherine De Bosscher’s Geometric Abstraction Wall Sculpture in HD Metal Print and Polyamide.

Series M - Matrix of Life

Series K - Symbiosis


Set of Catherine De Bosscher’s Wall Sculpture.

Series F - Elementary Particles

Geometric Wall Sculptures


Handmade, in massive wood, Catherine De Bosscher’s Wall Sculptures display a minimalistic style  with geometric shapes and sophisticated color shades. Edition of 1.

Sculptural Bowls


Experimenting through various technique and media, my goal is to mix imaginary fantasy, colors and 3D visual effect; bringing a very personal and innovative style. I’m inspired by architecture, biomorphism,  geometry, nature and more spiritual theories like the mysteries  of Life.

For more details about the artworks, please visit the website. If you wish to shop my artwork, please Email us via this link or DM us. 

My prices are always clearly indicated, you are buying directly from me. Worldwide shipping possible. Secure payement via Paypal.

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