Crazy Live 3 – 129x86cm & 169x113cm



Crazy Live 3 – 129x86cm & 169x113cm

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Theme: My series “Chromatic Pattern” is inspired by aquatic organism. I have designed soft and colourful geometric shapes in movement to create an optical illusion. Subtle gradient and vibrant colours  intertwined gives an impression of 3D movement to the painting.

Technique: I design all my artwork from 3 D objects that I have built using 3D design tools, once the scene completed, the painting is rendered and printing on high quality medium.

Support: Chromalux: High definition print by sublimation on Aluminium. Beauty of a top-class picture with the unmatchable quality of aluminum. Phenomenal sharpness, depth, lustre and colour.

Frame: The artwork is sold with a 5 cm/ 2 inch depth black aluminium Art Box frame.

Edition: Limited and signed edition of 4 per format.

Size: Size: 129×86 cm/ 50.8×33.9 inch – Price: 2230 €.

Alternate Size: This item is also available in a larger Size: 170×113 cm/  66.5×44.5 inch  Price: 3840 €.

Additional information
Dimensions  129x86x5 cm or 170x113x5 cm / 50.8×33.9 inch & 66.5×44.5 inch
Material Digital Painting printed on High definition by sublimation on Aluminium. Brilliant colors. Resistant to UV light.
Reference O8l or O8S
Size Large or Small
Date of Creation 2016

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