Innovative and surprising, the  jewelry collection designed by Catherine De Bosscher is made using 3D printing technology. In colored lightweight nylon and stainless steel, each jewelry have shapes inspired by geometry or organic shapes.If you love Modern Design, the innovative jewelry from Catherine De Bosscher are an amazing addition to your fashion style.

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CORAL Collection

The CORAL Collection is inspired from strange beauty of the seaworld.  A sculptural jewelry with a beautiful organic shape. An eye catching and attractive design.

GRAPHIC Collection

The GRAPHIC collection is inspired by complex see through geometry where light and transparency plays indefinitely together in a feminine & beautiful curved design. The Jewelry are constructed using  a double layer of pentagonal lace. Wearing it, feels like owning small wearable art.

PRISM Collection

I have designed the ‘Prism’ Collection with the idea of wearing a mini sculpture. The tridimensional pattern gives a unique touch of elegant & contemporary wearable design. Available in Nylon, Alumide or Polished Steel.


I'm a Belgian professional Artist, Designer with an interior architect formation who loves exploring beautiful shapes and colors to create modern artworks, paintings, mixed media, 3D printed jewelry, sculpture and objects. My goal is to bring a refreshing concept of contemporary artwork by using 3D modelling, geometry and colour harmony.

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